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Single Dish
Share a dish with SKY


Simpler installation


High speed access


Plug and play


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Max Value
Best value in the UK


High speed 10MBps


Available to all


Versatile pricing


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Our broadband packages
Put simply, our broadband packages fall into two broad categories. The categories divide neatly between the two different satellite positions which we point our dishes at, namely 23.5E (Single Dish)  and 28.2E (Max Value) .

Each position has its own merits which will help you decide on which fits you best.

Read the two articles below to understand the differences.
Single Dish  
Single Dish on 23.5E
An Apogee Internet Single Dish package will enable users of Satellite TV, whether SKY or Freesat, to use a single dish to carry their satellite TV as well as their Satellite Broadband. Click the link below for more detail.
Max Value  
Max Value on 28.2E
Our Max Value Packages are designed to get you connected at the lowest possible cost. By choosing this spacecraft our subscribers can enjoy the lowest cost satellite broadband in the UK. Click the link below for more detail.